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June 20th, 2011

04:48 am - Some Piece of Klaine Smut (PWP)
Author's note: This is completely and utterly, as I've been taught, PWP. (Plot? What Plot?) Just smut, people. If you don't like Glee smut, you've come to the wrong place, so please back away slowly. Or quickly. Really however you prefer to back away.
For the purposes of non-creepiness, both of the characters are older than in the show, and are at least 18. Aside from that, I tried to keep them pretty canon.
This story has been beta'd. I thank lorelailah <<http://lorelailah.livejournal.com/>> greatly for understanding my fractured sentences and covering my email in a sea of red corrections that was quite frightening to unlock.
I love you, baby.
P.S: This is the first piece of, um, literary erotica (to put it nicely) that I've ever written.
Please be nice. That said, constructive criticism is always welcome.
I RATE THIS "R." Because it's pretty effing dirty ;)

"Some Piece of Klaine Smut" (PWP)
- Cause I really can't call it anything else...

As we walk from the car to my door, in silence, I wish I could prolong the night, make it last forever. Even walking with Blaine's hand in mine, I can't help but feel the beginnings of that familiar pang of loneliness that always follows a night like this. I don't want us to go our separate ways. Not after a night like this.
We reach the doorway and it's him who makes the first move.
"Well," he pauses, and I can't help but wonder if he's doing it for dramatic effect, "I guess this is goodnight." He takes my other hand in his.
"I guess so."
His eyes sparkle as he leans towards me. The light from the porch lamp intrudes and exposes all the flawed beauty of those eyes… those eyes that are fixed on me.
I feel his lips as they meet mine, and my heart is lifted, pumping at a thousand beats a minute. Somewhere deep inside of me I feel a longing for him, a longer stronger than any I have ever felt.
The kiss lasts only a moment before I open my mouth slightly, just enough to extend my tongue, and run it along the space where his lips meet, feeling for every indentation. His lips part, and his tongue meets mine.
Slowly, he wraps both of his arms around me to pull me closer towards him, and suddenly my fingers are in his hair, pushing the thick curls away from his face.
I feel my back hit the the door, and I moan as I feel his lips travel away from my mouth, along the side of my jaw, briefly kissing my Adam's apple, and leaving a trail of kisses down my neck. As his explorations reach the neckline of my shirt, exposing a little of my chest, I pull his lips back up to meet my own, starving for his kisses.
I kiss him once, twice, three times, before pulling away slightly, my hands cupping his face.
"This doesn't have to be goodnight, Blaine." My voice sounds childishly high, and innocent. It's ridiculous in context.
He kisses me again, and when he pulls away I can feel his lips curving into a smile.
"Are you sure about that, Kurt?" He kisses me before i have time to answer. "I don't think that's a good idea," I hear him mumble, but the words are lost, and not longed for. Neither of us are in a hurry to leave.
So instead I moan, wrapping my arms around his back, clasping the hair at the nape of his neck and tugging on it gently.
"Does that answer our question?" I ask him when he pulls away, for air, before diving back in.
I fish my key out from the bottom of my bag as he kisses me, one of my hands feeling the muscles on his back through his thin t-shirt, the other rifling through the contents of my bag. The actions are fumbling and, for a moment, ineffective, but eventually my key ring ends up in the palm of my hand.
I pull away to put the key in the door and without missing a beat, his lips are on my extended neck, the tendon sticking out from the rest. I feel his warm breath as his lips close, and he is kissing the most tender part of my neck right where it meets the top of my chest.
I can feel a tingle deep down in my spine, and as the door swings open, I bring the hand still clutching my keys to grasp his face.
We stumble inside, and suddenly I am slammed up against the other side of the door, my shoulders pinned down by two strong hands. He parts the lips still kissing my neck and I feel his tongue run up my neck and into my mouth, where he starts kissing my lips hungrily. My hands grab at his shoulders, at his back, with a clinging ferocity. The keys fall forgotten to the floor.
He pulls away, but only just barely. The space between us virtually non-existent; just enough to be able to look me in the eyes.
"I want you," he whispers, before attacking my neck again with hungry, wanting kisses. His voice is low and breathy, and the sound combined with the meaning behind the words is almost too much for me. "God, I want you so bad, Kurt."
I moan as he brings his hands down from my shoulders to the front of my t-shirt, slipping them underneath the thin fabric, where he begins running them along the space between my ribcage and the rise of my jeans. The feeling is equatable to ecstasy.
This time, it is his turn to emit a low, breathy gasp, and I feel it amidst the kisses he is planting along my neck. I feel his hands moving upwards, pulling my shirt with them, and I raise my arms to ease the process. He drops it on the floor. It surprises me how I am not even bothered by the fact that it will be wrinkled in the morning.
Standing in the entrance to my tiny apartment, bare-chested, with my boyfriend of several months kissing every inch of bare skin he can find on me, I am reminded of how happy I am that I live alone. I am far enough away from any relatives so as not to feel intimidated by bringing a boy home.
His fingers run all over me, feeling the slender, vague muscles along my arms, leaving a burning trail down the front of my chest, grabbing at my back.
I kick off my shoes as he does the same and lead him stumbling over our feet in a frenzy to the open futon in the living room, my bedroom.
When the mattress hits the backs of my knees, he pushes me lightly down, straddling me with one leg on either side of my hips, and sinking down to plant kisses from my lips all the way down to my waist. I tangle my hands in his hair, making messy knotted bed head for him to wake up to in the morning.
He brings his lips back to mine, his hands running all over my chest, feeling the light muscles. I let my own wander, slowly lifting his shirt. He pulls me into a sitting position and helps me pull it off, only taking his lips off mine to pull the offending item of clothing over his head.
He slowly pushes me down flat on my back and I can feel his tongue on my nipples. I shiver as I feel his lips start sucking on one of them. It's the greatest feeling.
He lets his tongue wander for a bit over my chest and along my neck until he starts tracing the darker hairs on my stomach, making his path to the button on my jeans. With painstaking slowness, he unbuttons them, kissing the dip at the bottom of my stomach. The feeling of my jeans slipping away leaving my legs bare on satin sheets is a rare one, but it acts like an aphrodisiac all the same.
He continues running his tongue along the rim of my boxers, right above my erection, before he starts to pull those off too. I feel the faint fluttering of nerves as I know I will soon be entirely exposed to him, but I swallow to fight the sensation down. I suddenly realize how naked I am compared to him, still in his jeans, but all thoughts leave my mind as I see his face.
His face is rosy and flushed as he stares at my cock with an awed expression. It is then that I remember that I am his first boyfriend too; that this is his first time as well. I had completely forgotten, just as I always do, because he is so confident with himself.
I run one hand through the messy curls on top of his head as he slowly lowers himself to plant a kiss on the tip of my cock, sending shivers down my spine, and I hear myself gasp.
I look down to see his tongue running from my balsas along the length of my penis, and I feel myself shudder.
He wraps his mouth around me and slowly starts pulling me into his mouth, then pushing me out again. When he gets to the end he plants another kiss on the tip, before going back for more.
As he lets his lips work their own kind of magic on me, he trails his hands along my sides, from my hipbones to my waist, and then down again, with the lightest touch possible. I can't help but melt into him, and suddenly his tongue seems rougher as he begins to really suck on my cock.
I can't contain myself as sounds just start to spill out of me, wordless sounds. They are sounds of utter bliss that I didn't know I was capable of making, and he moans erotically, starting to suck harder.
I can feel him tracing the head of my cock inside his mouth, using his tongue to tease, while his lips form a ring of heat around and continue moving up and down, sucking harder and harder.
The feeling is pure ecstasy, and my back arches, bringing me even closer towards his mouth. He wraps my free hand around his head as he continues sucking, pinning my hips down with one of his hands and massaging my balls gently with the other.
The feeling is almost too much. I run one hand through his curls, the other caressing his face.
"Blaine, oh!" I moan loudly, and suddenly his lips are off of my cock before I can go over the edge. He pulls himself back up to eye-level with me, kissing my chest, my neck, and eventually planting one kiss on my lips. I shiver slightly as I taste myself in his kiss. The he is turning me around so that I am lying on my front.
He leaves a trail of kisses down my spine, teasing me with the light whisper of his tongue. He's calming me down a little from the overload of sensations I was feeling before.
His voice is at my ear and when he speaks it is rougher than I have ever heard it, deepened by lust. "Condom, lube, do you have them?"
I almost laugh at how ineloquent that is, but then his tongue is lapping at the shell of my ear and it's all I can do not to lose all thought right there.
"Lotion in the bathroom," I manage to force out. "Condoms are in the box under the sink." I feel my face flush at the thought of having prepared for an event like this, before realizing that the moment for shame passed long ago.
The seconds that Blaine disappears to grab the necessities seem like forever.  But then his lips are back on my neck, trailing downwards and I feel something slick and cool prod between my cheeks.
His finger burns a little as it enters me and he kisses and nuzzles my shoulder to make it bearable.  When he’s sure I’m all right, he starts to wiggle his finger.  And then he hits just the right spot and a string of meaningless words come spilling out of my mouth.
He wiggles in a second finger and again it stings at the beginning but then he just keeps prodding and I am almost shrieking in ecstasy. He stops to run his thumb down a little stretch of skin I didn’t even know existed, before wrapping his hand around my cock and deciding to finish me off.
As he pumps his fingers up and down, he crawls back up and cuddles me, his free hand playing with my hair, and starts kissing my neck, moaning.
“Kurt, I love you so much,” he whispers into my ear, right when I start to come, making it impossible for me to return the words as I spill into his hand.
As I come down, I twist my head around to kiss him on the lips, whispering “I love you, too” into his open mouth, amidst gasps and moans.
After it is over, I lie on my side, completely slack and relaxed, as he waits patiently, kissing my neck and shoulders, using his clean hand to push the hair out of my face, away from the beads of sweat at the nape of my neck.  With a tissue he had taken from the bathroom earlier, he wipes his other hand.
“Kurt,” he whispers after a few minutes.
I turn around and start kissing him, running my hands over his body. “Your turn? You’ve been very patient, Blaine.” I smile as I roll him onto his back and position myself so that I’m on top of him.
He laughs. “You think I did that only for you?”
I chuckle as well.  “Oh, Blaine. That was…  amazing. I can’t even -”
He stops me mid-sentence, pulling himself up and kissing me, his free hand cupping my face.
I look him in the eyes and smile a little. “So what would you like to try, sir?” I ask him, and resume kissing his neck, under his jaw line. “Would you like the same gentle treatment?  Or did you want it rough?”  I run blunt nails down his chest and watch him under hooded eyes.
“Kurt… can we-..” he stops awkwardly. It is unlike him to stop midway through any sentence.
I pull myself away from his beautiful, clean-shaven neck, looking him in the eyes. I can see exactly what it is that he is too shy to ask.  Astoundingly, I find my shyness to be absent
“Do you want to fuck me, Blaine?”
He grins, and I can see him blushing a little.  It’s beautiful. “Yeah.”
“Go ahead then. Fuck me good and hard.” I start to roll over but he stops me.
“Let’s try it this way.” He lies me on my back, and as he reaches beside him for a condom I realize that he’s now entirely naked.
“When did you lose your pants?” I ask him.
“A while ago.”
“I didn’t notice.”
He laughs. “You were somewhat preoccupied.”
I can feel myself blushing, despite my enthusiasm.
He gets himself ready so fast I barely have time to take a breath.
And then he’s slicking more lube onto his fingers and moving them inside me again.  Only this time he’s stretching me for something bigger as he teases my prostrate once more.
“Stop.  I’m fine now.  Just do it.”
“Okay.” He looks apprehensive. “Tell me if,” he pauses to swallow. “Tell me if it hurts or anything, okay, baby?”
I try to make my eyes smoulder.  “It’s fine. Just do it.”  Apparently, the smoulder works.
I extend my hand and wrap it once again amidst the mass of curls on his head.  Suddenly, I feel the head of his cock at the tip of my hole.
The feeling that he is suddenly so there, so present, is almost overwhelming.
He slowly goes further and further inside, inch by inch, allowing me time to recover. It is a lot to take in, a lot more than I expected. With every inch of progress, his breathing becomes a little heavier, rougher, more ragged. I can tell that he’s holding himself back.
Suddenly, I gasp, and realize that he is all the way in. I can feel the entirety of his throbbing cock running from deep inside of me all the way to the outside of my hole. I feel a shiver at the base of my spine, and he shivers too, gasping.
He bends down, kissing my neck, and I find myself growing hard yet again. He slowly starts to pull out, until he’s barely inside me and almost reaches the end, then pushes back in again. With every thrust, I am surprised to feel him so completely inside of me.
I wrap my arms in his hair as he starts to speed up slightly, just enough to form a slow but steady rhythm. With every time he comes in, a guttural sounding sort of moan escapes him, and I can feel his hot breath just above my lip, where a bead of sweat is forming.
“Oh fuck me Blaine. Harder. Blaine.” I can’t help the words escape my lips, and he pushes a little harder, moaning, and it feels so amazing.
“Oh my God, Kurt, oh my -”
Oh Blaine.
“Fuck me, Blaine!”
He cries out.  He continues pushing in and pulling out, his voice getting louder and more intense with every round.
I can feel his cock slowly throbbing as he pushes it inside of me.  Hits that spot in me again and I yell.  My own cock is hard again, dripping and begging for attention.
“Do you like that? Oh my God Kurt you’re so tight -”
I make an unrecognizable sound as he continues pushing inside of me, until he is all the way in.
I moan, and he starts to pull out, trying to kiss my neck simultaneously.
 “Oh my God. Oh my God, Blaine you’re ama -”
“Am I doing it right, Kurt?”  Miraculously, he still has the power of speech.
“Yes!  Yes! Yes,” I cry, but that’s about as much as I can make out before my words end all jumbled in a sound that I have never heard myself (or anybody) make before.
I hear a similar moan leave him, and then he runs his tongue up my neck, making me shiver.
"God, Kurt -" He finishes the sentence with a few guttural sounds.
Suddenly, I feel his fingers wrap themselves around my leaking cock, pumping his fist up and down at the same speed.
I shriek. “Oh my God oh my God oh my God Blaine keep oh my God!” The words spill out of my mouth until they don’t mean a thing anymore.
He kisses my ear, moaning, and I can feel his hot breath envelop me.
“Oh my God. Blaine don’t stop don’t stop -”
And then he is coming inside of me with a cry and he doesn’t stop pumping me until I come into his hand again with another undignified shriek.
And then we are coming together, and I can feel him go slack inside of me, as our moans become quieter.
He slides out of me, slipping off the condom so discreetly that I barely notice.
I am suddenly exhausted.  I hum quietly in contentment as I feel him clean us both up and then his arms wrap around me and he pulls me close to his chest.  I close my eyes and for once I do not feel that sensation of being lonely. I slowly start to drift.
"Kurt," he whispers, when he thinks I'm asleep.
I decide to play along with his charade.
"You're not alone."
I bury my face into him as I try to wonder how he always knows what I'm thinking, and finally fall asleep in the arms of the man that I love.
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June 3rd, 2011

I thought I'd mention a few more things:
1) I have no life
2) I have no life.
3) ... I have no life.

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So I made a pretty inter-entry banner/pretty thing, and I'm testing it out. HERE IS ENTRY NUMBER ONE.
I like cheese.
I also just finished writing the smuttiest thing I've ever written. Not sure if I should put it up or not... What do you think? I don't think I should...
OOOHH while I'm here I might as well tell you a few fun things about myself:
1) I have the attention span of a two year old.
2) I ship KLAINE. That's right, I'm a glee addict, and Blaine and Kurt are the hottest couple I've ever seen on TV.
3) I graduated from high school two days ago.
4) I'm into broadway and musical theatre. In fact, I sing, and I'm starting a musical theatre program in the fall at CEGEP.
5) CEGEP is like grades 12 and 13 in Montreal. It's basically the interval between high school (which goes from grades 7 to 11) and University. If you are taking a pre-university course, it is 2 years. If you are taking a career course, it is 3 years. (In case you couldn't tell, this one's not actually about me, but I thought it was important to note.)
6) My favourite broadway musicals are Cabaret, Spring Awakening, Wicked, Urinetown, and Gypsy.
7) I am a strange little creature.
8) Next year I am planning on dressing up as Madonna for Halloween.
9) I have a tendency to be attracted to overtly gay men. Also women. Also straight men. Let's face it - I am one sexually confused person.
10) I spend way too much time on my computer.

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